The Rule

The Rule

I don’t pretend to be as choosy about my film watching choice, I’ll watch almost anything.


Except “Brides Maids” Annabel and I started watching that movie a couple of weeks ago and we had to stop watching it after half an hour because it was so bad. The horrible thing is that in a way Brides Maids fits this rule, the women discuss each other, dresses, food, farting, getting along.

Sure there is talk of men in the film but it’s in the back ground. And yet it’s still an absolutely awful movie. The characters are:

  • The bride to be, whose defining feature is that she is getting married.
  • The main character who is unlucky in life and love and everything. Also she’s jealous that her bestest friend in the whole wide world has other friends.
  • The annoying one who’s only just married.
  • The annoying one who’s married with kids.
  • The one who is a female version of Zach Galifianakis’ character from the Hangover.
The movie had no redeeming features what so ever, which is a shame because it was hyped up to me as being better than The Hangover a movie I didn’t think I’d like but ended up really enjoying.


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Hell Driver: The Next Crazy Japanese Movie I Want to Watch

I’m not going to lie to you, I like bat shit crazy Japanese films. From the creators of Tokyo Gore Police, Machine Girl and Robo-Geisha comes the next epic gore fest, Hell Driver A zombie filled gore fuelled Japanese crazy movie thing.

To tell you the truth you probably don’t need to know much about this film apart from the fact this it will be insane, disgusting and that one of the characters has a CHAIN SWORD! That is enough to make me want to watch it, and judging from the comments on the Topless Robot post that I found this on that is all anyone else cares about.

Trailer below.

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