ToastyMUG Hand Warming Mug

I drink a lot of tea and I live in a cold country, thus I often find myself using my tea cup as a temporary heat source, but my current set of tea cups are inefficient!  Sabrina Fossi has designed a mug specifically to keep your hands warm while drinking it your tea/coffee/hot chocolate or whatever, and it’s available to purchase in  green and grey for €44.00.

Via Laughing Squid

Mario Pipe Mug and MegaMan E Mug

You can’t get the Pipe Mug (above) any more because it’s sold out but you can get this MegaMan E-Mug (below) for $32 from Fan Gamer. As you can see from the video at the bottom of this post the E-Mug is nigh on indestructible.

I Heart Science Mug

I found this image on Flickr user melissa_sucks‘ page and I can’t find the like of it anywhere, which is a shame because Avarinne would love it.

Best I can find is this on and american site:

And this one on Zazzle:

I did however also find this Lumbar Mug which is only £9:
W40048: Lumbar Mug 1