Video Game Characters Feminized

The video games industry is filled with male role models, not too many female protagonists, sure we get the odd Lara Croft or Ms. PacMan but on the whole girls seem to be more like princess peach or Zelda, a plot device or the reason the male character is out stomping mushrooms or killing baddies.

While this series by artist Marques Cannon does a little towards changing that it hard not to notice the focus on tits an ass in the series. Still they are pretty cool, by why does every woman in video games have to be half naked?




Mega (Wo)Man

Katamari Damacy

Sonic the Hedgehog


Goomba and Mushroom Cupcakes!

Hot on the tails of the post about the Super Mario Bros cupcake tower I posted yesterday  is these awesome Goomba cupcakes by deviant art user tomo-chi. Apparently she ( I assume it’s a she in this Genderless age who can tell though) got such a kind reaction to them that she also went and made some Mushroom cupcakes to go with them:

I like the use of green cones as pipes…

 by ~tomo-chi on deviantART.