Spider Man Swings Along In This Pendant

Spider-Man Necklace Design 2012 davesgeekyideas.com Geek Bling Dave Delisle

Ok so the titlte for this post is a bit lame but the pendant which is sadly just a concept on Dave’s Geeky Ideas is pretty cool. I love the way it uses the chains as the webs, it’s a permanent action shot as Spiderman swings across the wearer’s chest/between their cleavage. I’m sure the thought of that make Peter Parker happy…

Tetris Pendant

Old School Tetris - on order

This Tetris Pendant made to look like a GameBoy version of Tetris was created by gemsgemsOnEtsy and can be yours for just $15. They also do a coloured version (Earrings Below) for $16 as well as many other Game and Geek related Jewelry.

Tetris earrings

Interesting Phallic Necklace (Kind of NSFW)

I know that people often wear necklaces that represent things they love or enjoy… I wonder what the woman in this video loves?

Personally my favourite bit is the pull string, I chuckled quietly to myself when I saw that, I was expecting it to do that and I wasn’t disappointed.

Mini TestTube Blood Sample Necklace

Mini TestTube Blood Sample Necklace

This necklace charm by SelfRescuingPrincess looks like it used the same necklace base as the ones that you get from street vendors who will write your name on a piece of rice. It’s pretty cool and it’s not exactly expensive. Perfect for the haematologist in your life.

Skyward Heart

Skyward Heart

This pendant which is in the shape of a heart container from The Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Sword is quite cute. It’s by The Pixelsmithy, and will apparently retail for $22 but is only available to pre-order at the moment.

Interestingly they debuted on Reddit, I think they know their target market…

Via Geek Chic Cosmetics

Sterling Silver Origami Necklaces

I bought @Avarinne something like this from a craft market a while ago, but I don’t think it was Sterling Silver if it was it certainly didn’t cost as much as these things do… Still they are very pretty. They are on sale for the next day or so: Origami Crane (Above) Origami Triceratops & Origami Dog (Below) all $139.50

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