This Video Makes Me Want An Apple 5!

I really hope this isn’t a scripted parody… Sam Roberts interviews some one in the queue for an iPhone 5.

This video is also by Sam, interviewing an occupy Wall Street, protester.

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Final Fantasy Is A Sin…

When I saw this image by Christwire on a random Tumblr page my first thought was a resounding WTF, my second thought was “As opposed to letting hundreds of sex scented hands touch her in friendly manner?” then I remembered that Christwire are a parody site.

They have put together a series of anti Final Fantasy images, the above is the best, but you can see more after the break:

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I’ve seen this several times before but my Dad just emailed it to me and I thought I’d share it in case anyone hadn’t seen it. The website for Fukitol lists many details about this wonder drug such as the side effects:

New prescribers should be aware that during treatment 99.2% of patients experienced some combination of the following side affects:

Uncontrollable laughter, occasionally resulting in slightly wetted pants

Hallucinations with vivid colors and occasionally talking animals

Dramatic increases in attention from the opposite sex

Frequent spontaneous sexual arousal

Penis or Breast enlargement

Random Travel Hair re-growth

Artificial insemination

Weight Loss


No patients stopped taking FUKITOL due to these side effects.

On a completely separate note if you use Zemanta for content recommendations the text for this post results in some disturbing image suggestions… But it also suggests I add this:

MADRID, SPAIN - OCTOBER 07:  A newly born pand...


5 Seconds of Summer

I have to admit that I liked 500 Days of Summer, mostly because of the soundtrack, the story is pretty good but to be honest you sometimes just wanted the main character to man up… The film would have been a lot more amusing if it had gone like this:


Via Dirty Pretty Things


Bay In A Can!

I actually hold Michael Bay in more contempt than I do Uwe Boll. At least Uwe Boll knows he’s making shit movies to scam the tax system, Michael Bay actually just ruins franchises out of spite. None the less this video is amusing.

Bay In A Can is a energy drink that will add 100% more tits, ass and explosions to your film…


Part of Your Guild (WOW Parody)

Once a very long time ago I played World of Warcraft, then I realised I was essentially just using it like  IRC with pretty 3d graphics.

This song which is a parody of Part of your world is however quite amusing.

Via World of FilkCraft.