Spider Man Swings Along In This Pendant

Spider-Man Necklace Design 2012 davesgeekyideas.com Geek Bling Dave Delisle

Ok so the titlte for this post is a bit lame but the pendant which is sadly just a concept on Dave’s Geeky Ideas is pretty cool. I love the way it uses the chains as the webs, it’s a permanent action shot as Spiderman swings across the wearer’s chest/between their cleavage. I’m sure the thought of that make Peter Parker happy…

Tetris Pendant

Old School Tetris - on order

This Tetris Pendant made to look like a GameBoy version of Tetris was created by gemsgemsOnEtsy and can be yours for just $15. They also do a coloured version (Earrings Below) for $16 as well as many other Game and Geek related Jewelry.

Tetris earrings

Skyward Heart

Skyward Heart

This pendant which is in the shape of a heart container from The Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Sword is quite cute. It’s by The Pixelsmithy, and will apparently retail for $22 but is only available to pre-order at the moment.

Interestingly they debuted on Reddit, I think they know their target market…

Via Geek Chic Cosmetics