DC Comic/Neil Degrasse Tyson Pin the Location of Krypton

If you want full details head over to Bad Astronomy but apparently this weeks issue of Action Comics Superman #14 pins Krypton as Orbiting LHS 2520 a Red Dwarf star that is 27 light years away from us.

They apparently asked Neil Degrasse Tyson to suggest a star that would fit the location of Krypton and he chose that one.

Also I’ve not read Superman in quite some time but what the hell is going on with his costume in that image?

Here is an image of the star that Krypton orbits:

Corkers – Pushpin Cork Creatures


You know how you are supposed to turn up to a dinner party with a bottle of wine… Well that’s a little too grown up, so why not make it a little more amusing by adding a pack of these “Corkers” to the wine. They let you turn your wine or champagne cork into a little animal. Just make sure you don’t give them a screw top bottle…