4 Chan Are Working on a Pokemon Game

So according to Reddit the people on /vp/ on 4Chan are working on a Pokemon clone with all new monsters, some of those puns are amazing, I particularly like Thoraxe.

Thorax 0

They have their own forum separate from 4Chan and a Wiki too.

I can’t check the link out at the moment but several people on Reddit have tried out the demo and it apparently looks pretty good.

Downloader beware though I have no idea what is in the exe file.

Traditional Japanese Pokemon


 I’ll admit that I’ve never really gotten Pokemon, I played Pokemon Pearl or Diamond for a while on my DS and it was just tedious. I do like the mythology behind it though, I like the concept of Pokemon and I’m impressed with the creativity that goes into creating how ever many  Pokemon there are (646 apparently).

I also like traditional Japanese art and am fascinated by the mythology that goes behind them. That is probably why I like these two images by Japanese artist “Nojo”  (Page in Japanese). It reminds me of the Kakidan Ekotoba monster scrolls I’ve seen linked to before. I actually think I prefer these Pokemon designs to the original Manga/Anime versions… 



Via Koldun

Bigger on the Inside Timeline

Hello with Cheese have provided us with an illustrated history of things that are bigger on the inside.

1934: Mary Poppins Bag

1959: Felix the Cat’s magic bag

1963: Dr. Who’s Tardis

1969: Oscar the Grouch’s trash can

1984: Ghostbusters’ ghost trap

1987: The Lament Configuration

1989: Bag of Holding

1996: Pokeball

2000: The Weasly Family Tent

Can you think of anything else? The Box of Delight, A portable hole, and the wardrobe  from the lion the witch and the wardrobe spring to mind, any others? Leave a comment.

Hello With Cheese

Pokename Game: Gotta Name Them All

I have to admit despite having only ever played a Pokemon game for about 6 hours, purely for scientific reasons I assure you, I am intrigued by the obsession that the series manages to invoke in people. They have been releasing the same game with the same graphics since 1996, and yet the level of fandom the game has accrued is immense. I’ve often debated making a mobile phone version of Pokemon just for a laugh, the programming wouldn’t be very difficult, but the thought of having to  come up with a few hundred monsters is unbelievably daunting.