If Coffee Was a Drug

This amusing parody of an anti drugs poster warns against the hazards of Coffee. I’m not sure that it’s so true of Coffee, but I think  if alcohol was discovered today rather than several thousand years ago it would probably be a controlled substance.

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Is Liking Something On the Internet a Meaningless Gesture?

It occurred to me just now that one thing that FaceBook and Google+ do that Twitter doesn’t is have a mechanism to show passive approval of something. On FaceBook you can “Like” a post and on Google+ you can “+1” it, Twitter has no equivalent. On Twitter you can either comment on a post by replying to it, or you can share it by retweeting.

I think the like is an empty gesture, it holds no meaning, and it serves only to boost the ego of the poster, also it’s prone to ambiguity, if someone posts a status update saying something like “My dog died today, he was a lovely hound” and someone likes that what does that mean? does it mean that you like the fact that the dog died or that you are being sympathetic to the person for their loss?

If you are being sympathetic and all you can be arsed doing is clicking a button then you are a pretty lazy, a person who was actually sympathetic would say something passing on their condolences, if you like the fact that their dog died because the dog ate your hat well maybe you shouldn’t be sharing that fact.

What do people think is liking a status update an empty gesture?

Note: I’m not talking about liking things on services like Pinterest, StumbleUpon or Last.FM where your likes are actually stored, that’s more curating things you like rather than silently expressing that you agree with/approve of a statement.

Sexual Assault Prevention Tips

I hate the fact that the onus/blame for sexual assault always seems to fall on the victim, surely if some scumbag is going to assault someone then he is to blame, regardless of where it happens or when it happens, or what the person who was assaulted was wearing at the time.

No one is asking for it, if you sexually assault someone you are just a dick/criminal.

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Not Really a Bitch…

Amusing play on the “I’m not really a bitch I just play one on TV” quote. You can buy it as a poster on Amazon (I’m Not Really a Bitch I Just Play One in Your Life Funny Poster Print – 33×48 cm) although I think most of the references I’ve seen to it online have been to a tin sign. See if you can find that and post a link in the comments.

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Cat Woman: Chat Noir Poster


Desenho do Dia. Catwoman, por Rafael Albuquerque (link para a nossa livraria online), em homenagem a Le Chat Noir de Theophile Steinlen.

I like this reinterpretations of the poster for the Chat Noir (Black Cat) cabaret house. It’s quite skilfully done and I have always liked Catwoman… The image is by Rafael Albuquerque apparently I don’t have much more information though…

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Illustrations for Nerds in Love

You mean the world to me

It’s hard not to like these Geeky science posters by Nicole Martinez, they are available  as posters and  limited edition prints. They are for the most part cute even is some of the puns are really cringe-worthy…

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You charge my particles
My beaker bubbles for you
Aorta tell you how much I love you
You turn me on
You magnetize my poles
You fog my spectacles
We've got chemistry
I lichen you a lot
I think I lava you
You melt my solid inner core
I Sulphur when you Argon (I refuse to spell Sulphur with an 'f' it's just wrong...