Miner Rescue!

Miner Rescue! by Alessandro Lino is a nifty little game with retro graphics, that will probably take you about 1o minutes to complete. Aliens have invaded and you need to go into the mines and rescue the miners, combat is best avoided to start with, as the aliens are tough but slow you can easily jump over them.

My only problem with this game is that it’s way too easy, it looks like the kind of retro game you’d find on a C64 or Spectrum, but completing it holds not satisfaction as there isn’t really much challenge to it.

Via FreeIndieGam.es

Bubble Bobble Leggings!

Bubble Bobble Leggings Nothing like blowing and popping soap bubbles on a hot summer day. It’s even more enjoyable to blow bubbles in an air conditioned arcade with your favorite bubble dragons, Bub and Bob. Another pair of leggings inspired by arcade classics approaches the market. This paid of Bubble Bobble leggings is still a little spendy for leggings but cheaper than Mass Effect Leggings and Tetris Leggings. Leggings from Eat Me Clothing ($58)

Part of me wishes I was the kind of guy who wore leggings, sadly I’m not but that doesn’t make these Bubble Bobble Leggings from Eat Me Clothing ($58) any less cool.

They also sell Wonderboy Leggings:

Wonderboy leggings / Free shipping

If retro leggings aren’t your thing then maybe you want to play Commander Shepherd with these Mass Effect N7 Leggings from a totally different Etsy shop?

N7 Mass Effect Leggings / Pants


Personally I’m more for the retro leggings I think someone should make Magical Tree leggings. that game was whack!

Upcycled Geek Clothing By Bonga Chop Shop

Pac Man Halter Top OOAK Upcycled

Kendra of Bonga Chop Shop makes one of a kind up-cycled geek clothing and the like from vintage geek fabric. Like the above Pac-Man halter top (I think I had that design on a bed sheet…) or the Below Pac-Man skirt and Transformers mini dress.

Pac Man Highwaisted Skirt OOAK

Transformers Mini Dress OOAK

Penguin Adventure Fan Remake! Also Nemesis and Castlevania!

I’ve blogged about penguin adventure before while I was hunting for games for my planned Retro Game Adventi stumbled across news that Kotai (Konami-Taito Fan) is working on a multi-player remake of Penguin Adventure to mark it’s 25th anniversary.  There is little information on their site, which lists a few of the other retro remakes they have made such as a multiplayer Castlevania remake, a multiplayer Bubble Bobble remake and a multiplayer Nemesis (Gradius in the US/UK) remake.

There are a few more videos on their/his YouTube Channel, but all the commentary is in Spanish, thanks to Google translate though:

Heading to 4 players online. The game will be available for download in a few days www.remakesonline.com

I can’t wait!

I’ll need to download the Nemesis remake I loved that game when I was a kid too and the idea of playing a multiplayer version of it is quite appealing… Here is a video of Nemesis online being played, it looks awesome!

Digital: a Love Story

Digital a Love Story is a game that borrows it’s UI from the days of the Amiga. The Games UI looks like an amiga workbench circa 1988 or so, you have just received a modem and you have to dial into BBS’s to gather information. Eventually you have to hack the phone system to get free long distance calls, all in your quest to do something… I’ve not played this game but I like the retro vibe of the concept.

From the Website:

A Computer Mystery/Romance Set 5 minutes into the Future of 1988.

I can guarantee that at least ONE of the following is a real feature:

  • Discover a vast conspiracy lurking on the internet!
  • Save the world by exploiting a buffer overflow
  • Get away with telephone fraud!

It’s available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Via The Independent Gaming Source.