Idea: Holmes

The new BBC adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes story “Sherlock” is nothing short of amazing. If you’ve not seen it what they have done is taken inspiration from the original Arthur Connan Doyle stories and created three crimes for a 21st century Sherlock to solve. I won’t go into any more detail as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t watched it, but if you are one of those unfortunates then you should rectify that post haste.

My Idea is more or an exercise in literary reverse engineering, the 3 currently existing episodes of Sherlock draw a lot of inspiration and pay homage to the original works, however as I understand they are new stories unto themselves. The exercise therefore would to imagine that the original works never existed and to attempt to rewrite the current TV show as if it were set in another time period, like Sherlock’s Victorian England, the American civil war, or maybe even in space.

If you’ve read the original you could try and pay homage to both the original and the series by taking the references to the original which exist in the series and intentionally misinterpret them.

Well there you go an idea for any budding writers out there, possibly an idea for a NaNoWriMo? I’d best get cracking.