Next Gory Japanese Movie I Want to Get: Dead Sushi!

When sushi goes bad! I’m not entirely sure what the premise of this film is aside from bits of sushi killing people, and to be honest I’m not sure I need much more of a premise. Dead Sushi is by the same people who did Machine Girl and Robo-Geisha which you can tell by the voice over on the trailer which sounds like the same guy who did the voice over for the Robo-Geisha trailer.

I have a copy of Robo Geisha sitting on my shelf waiting to be watched, the only reason that we haven’t watched it is that Avarinne and I have an agreement that she will watch iton the condition that I watch Human Centipede, why she wants to watch Human Centipede I don’t know…

Via iO9

Hell Driver: The Next Crazy Japanese Movie I Want to Watch

I’m not going to lie to you, I like bat shit crazy Japanese films. From the creators of Tokyo Gore Police, Machine Girl and Robo-Geisha comes the next epic gore fest, Hell Driver A zombie filled gore fuelled Japanese crazy movie thing.

To tell you the truth you probably don’t need to know much about this film apart from the fact this it will be insane, disgusting and that one of the characters has a CHAIN SWORD! That is enough to make me want to watch it, and judging from the comments on the Topless Robot post that I found this on that is all anyone else cares about.

Trailer below.

Via Topless Robot