The Mary Sue’s Blade Runner Fan Work Contest!

The Mary Sue are running a Bladerunner fan art contest, It’s worth going over there to look at the submissions, most of which are mostly photography based and quite cool. I really like the above submission by diablo2003 partly because it’s awesome but also because it makes me want a Bladerunner Anime… I might have to watch AD Police tonight…

In case you were wondering AD Police is an Anime that was a spin off of Bubblegum Crisis, Bubblegum Crisis is Awesome and heavily inspired by Bladerunner, but AD Police is a more nitty gritty police drama.

Walk and Talk the Vote – West Wing Reunion

I need to post this so I can close the window in my browser. Bridget Mary McCormack who is the sister of Mary McCormack who plays Kate Harper on the West Wing, is running for supreme court in Michigan, so she got the cast of the West Wing to make an add for her. It’s pretty good.

via YouTube.