Nintendo Punk + Zombies

I found this Image of the “Nintendo Girls” as 80’s punks by Deviant Art user agentscarlet, no sign of Daisy there, no one ever seems to remember poor Daisy…

He’s also trimmed it into a wallpaper:

The same artist has has also made zombie versions of Peach and Samus:

Sadly no Zelda.


Nouveau by Ninjaink

Samus Arran

I did say yesterday that I had seen a couple of images on NinjaInk’s page that I wanted to blog, here are some Nouveau images of classic kids TV shows (and Samus from Metroid and I think a Twilight Zone inspired one) each image links to the deviant art page for the image.

Scarlet From GI Joe Nouveau is Half the Battle
Jessica Rabbit
Janine Melnitz from Ghost Busters
April O'Neal From TMNT
Samus Arran 2
Twilight Zone Nouveau

Via Ninjaink’s Gallery

Metroid Prime


Metroid Prime by *ninjaink

Wow, at first glance I’ll have to admit I thought this was an Optimus Prime/Knight Sabre Cross over (I’ll have to Google to see if that exists later) but no it’s an Optimus Prime/Samus Arran cross over.

The Japanese says Metoroido Puraimu (Metroid Prime).

The Image is by *ninjaink and is called Metroid Prime over at Deviant Art. I’ve got a few more images in my drafts by *ninjaink that I want to post, unfortunately I don’t have the time to sift thought them now and add them to this post.


Samus Aran Cosplay

Cosplay is something that I’m of two minds about, on the one hand I’m really impressed that people are able to make such awesome looking outfits, on the other hand I wonder how long/how much money these people spend on these things.

It’s quite refreshing to see a girl doing a cosplay that doesn’t hinge on showing off as much flesh as possible though, this Samus Aran costume by Yukilefay is quite impressive…



Via  *Yukilefay on deviantART.

Nintendo Art Nouveau Posters By Megan Lara


There is something about art nouveau art that just exudes class, I really like these three Nintendo themed pieces available as a triptych or separately from artist Megan Lara‘s store over at society6. I’d love to have these up on my wall as they are quite subtle and it’s not immediately obvious that they are video game inspired.

More images of the art in the flesh from Level up studios:

Megan has also done some pretty cool Firefly inspired posters among others, it’s worth having a look at her site to see her other work…



Via Rampaged Reality.

Pixelated Samus Cos-Play

I’m not a cos-player, and I never will be. Probably because I can’t be bothered expending the effort to make a costume that I will wear only once. This Samus Costume however is inspired. Deviant Art User Chozoboy made a pixelated Samus costuem that works from both sides.

He took inspiration from/printed out (I would assume) this sprite sheet for Samus from the Super Metroid:

 It’s a shame it doesn’t look nearlt as impressive face on…



Samus Con Cosplay by ~ChozoBoy on deviantART.