Sadly this is a non functioning Megadrive (or Genesis) wont be uttering Megatron’s immortal words “I still function” but it does transform into him, the lord giveth and the lord taketh away, in this instance the lord is Takara Tomy and Sega.

Presumably the USB attachment on his arm cannon is a pendrive, this fits with the Ravage Pen drive released a few years back:

This blaster laptop/USB hub combo:

This Soundwave MP3 Player:

This Grimlock Mouse:

And this Optimus Prime (Convoy) iPod dock;

Via VG247

My Megadrive Music Video

I’ve recently gotten into bit tunes in a big way and this video by 2080 really appeals to me. I’m aware that I just slagged off Ufunk  for lack of attribution but I found this there.

The video features a character playing through levels that are inspired by old Genesis/Megadrive games on a quest to get his Megadrive back. The dance battles at the end of each level are amusing.