If Coffee Was a Drug

This amusing parody of an anti drugs poster warns against the hazards of Coffee. I’m not sure that it’s so true of Coffee, but I think  if alcohol was discovered today rather than several thousand years ago it would probably be a controlled substance.

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The Music Festival Experience


I can’t agree more with this cartoon about The Music Festival Experience by Pleated-Jeans, I’m not sure if I’m just the wrong type of person for music festivals, but in my experience they are more hassle than they are worth. I’ve worked at more festivals than I’ve actually been to but even then, getting to the festival site was a pain in the back side, everything was overpriced when you get there, it was always either too hot, too cold (Arguably I went to a festival in the middle of winter wearing shorts and ended up wearing a space blanket as a kilt) or raining and muddy. You are surrounded by several thousand sweaty people who are on a cocktail of substances that make them total ass-holes. Oh and the music is usually rubbish, except for the one artist you went to the festival to see, but they cancelled at the last minute anyway so you didn’t get to see them…

Maybe I’m just too cynical…

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