The Cutest Coal Ornament

PREORDER - Coal Ornament

This Christmas Tree ornament is possibly one of the oddest gifts one could give somone. On the one hand you are essentially giving somone a lump of coal, which is a big Christmas no no,  on the other you are giving them one og the cutest things in the world!

They are available to pre-order from Steff Bomb on Etsy and cost just $15 (£9.70) + shipping.

PREORDER - Coal Ornament

Make Yourself Look Like a Cyber Punk/Goth God!

Exo-Boots - Hydraulic Armour for Boots

I found a listing for these boot covers (no you will have to buy your own boots) on Etsy, the same shop sells a shmorgasport of other cyber goth things including these wings which I think I’ve featured here before:

Powered Mechanical Wings - Version 1.5 with LED Light Effects

The boot Armour will set you back about £300 + shipping from Canukistan (Canada). They also sell glowy gauntlets and a really odd looking neck brace…

Bionic Concepts - Cybertech Costume Flight Gear

Super Mario World Skirt

Nintendo Lolita Skirt- Custom fabric, custom made

This Skirt is available from corsetwonderland on Etsy, it’s apparently on custom printed fabric. I like it but I’m not sure it would suit me. Blue just isn’t my colour. According to the notes, there is a hoop skirt under it in the image so it’s not quite as poofie as it is in the image above, I guess you could buy a hoop skirt to get the same effect. Anyway it’s $75 + shipping and tax.