Dream Journal/Story Idea: The forgetful slumber

I don’t remember much about my dream last night apart from being in a situation where someone had cast a spell on me and a group of people where we would slowly lose our memories every time we went to sleep. So we had to stay awake at all costs less we forget who we were.

I think it would make an interesting premise for a short story.

Last thought before you go to sleep?

Does anyone ever remember what your last thought is before you go to sleep? I never can, I know it takes me ages to go to sleep, then I dream then I wake up.

It would be interesting if there was one particular thought that everyone had that was the equivelent of a sleep switch on your brain that would just send you to sleep. We could harness this to cure insomnia by just telling insomniacs to think this thought. but you could also cause some major havoc by making people think this thought by say eluding towards it on the radio, or in a newspaper.

Governments would be able to quell social unrest eluding to this thought to people who are rioting. How would you go about making people think a particular thought?

It kinda reminds me of the Brown note… But not really…