Responsible Adult’s Guide…


This was my attitude to most chores when I was a student… I used to live on top of a Woolworths and whenever I needed more cutlery I’d just go downstairs and buy some, I did the same when i started running out of socks.

I don’t live like that anymore, but mainly because I have a dishwasher…

Via Loldwell

Portal Sneaker Boots

I’ve always thought that the Converse style “sneaker boots” you can get look cool but I’m not sure I could pull them off, or put them on for that matter as I have calves the size of… Well very big things…

These Portal Sneaker boots by artist Jared Sellers are pretty cool, what is it about adding a little blue and orange to a design and putting the Aperture science logo on things that makes them infinitely cooler? For some reason anything Portal is cool on the internet these days, I’m not about to argue, because my first reaction was “COOL PORTAL SNEAKER BOOTS!” and not “Oh no not another artist trying to rip off Portal” so there you have it…

Via Kotaku

A Plethora of Whovian Knitwear

I noticed a whole bunch of Dr. Who knitwear over the past couple of days and rather than post them individually I’ve decided to put together one mammoth post with all of them in it. So Enjoy and feel free to buy or make me any of this if you are that way inclined. 
TARDIS Socks (Technabob)/Ravelry (Or another version also on Ravelry)With pattern on Google Docs.

Another TARDIS sock Design on Wee Little Knitter with Chart.

Dalek Gloves for which you can buy the pattern on Etsy.

TARDIS gloves by Enchanted Craft on Etsy.

Another set of Dalek gloves also by Enchanted Craft (Enchanted Crafts have a lot of coll stuff actually)

TARDIS beanie with tassels by Amlowi on Etsy

Also TARDIS beanie sans tassels and Dalek Beanie from Amlowi


Sneaker Socks

If you ever can’t decide whether you want to wear shoes of just socks these are the socks for you. They are called “Sneaker Socks” but they look a lot more like Converse calf high boots to me. Anyway this is what they look like when not one, I actually like the fact that they make it look like you are also wearing socks under your boots…


Pencil Knee High Socks!

I found these socks while exploring pinterest, make your legs look like pencils! These were available at Sock Dreams for $18 but they are out of stock at the moment. I had a quick look at the site to see if there were any more interesting socks and from my cursory glance it seems that these are the only interesting socks they have. If you see any that are more interesting post a link to them in the comments.