Script Generates 3D Models of Space Ships



This is pretty cool, macouno used the names of the people who developed Blender to as input for a set of scripts from the Entoforms project to produce a set of procedurally generated 3d spaceships.

I’ll need to look into the scripts, the idea of playing a game where all the ships are uniquely generated appeals to me.

There is an article posted on blendswap with the blender files, and the Python scripts are available on Google code.

Concept Ships

Really quick post, found a pretty cool site which makes me almost wish I was writing a science fiction story for my NaNoWriMo, concept ships has hundreds of just that, concept ships and futuristic vehicles like this helicopter tank thing:

The site is a bit difficult to navigate I think but it’s still got a hell of a let of awesome ships on it, good enough to give anyone at least some inspiration. Some of the images like this one from the Accelerate competition:

And this one by Dmitry Popov:

Are very Bladerunner and everyone enjoys a bit of Bladerunner…

That’s it for me.