Totoro Matryoshka Doll

I often find my self thinking of somthing cool and then Googling it in the vain hope that it exists, that’s how I foudn this lovely Totoro matryoshka doll by *Blackmago on deviantART.

It goes from Totoro all the way to the soot sprites, although strictly speaking Totoro should be inside the Cat Bus I’m going to allow for artistic liceence in this instance as Totoro is the main character of the film.


While checking Pantone swatches, Carmichael Lynch discovered a classic video game hiding within the pile. It’s time for some Pac-Man Fever!
Pantone Pac-Man by Carmichael Lynch (YouTube) (Facebook) (Twitter)
Submitted by: phildesignart

Apparently  Carmichael Lynch (YouTube) (Facebook) (Twitter) discovered this while he was going through some Pantone swatches. I like the simplicity of it. I wonder if there is a Pac-Man moad with these replacing the sprites.

via Rampaged Reality