Street Fighter: Monopoly Edition

You know what computer game series was crying out for a Monopoly edition? Street Fighter! No not really…

Although, to be honest, I’m not sure that any game is “Crying out for a Monopoly  edition”. The little metal figures look nice I guess, and the art is nice, but aside from that it’s the same, game that has ruined Christmas for families for decades.


Disney Princesses vs. Capcom

What happens when you mix the disney princesses with the characters from Capcom’s Iconic Street Fighter series? You get these lovely pixel art images by Mike V Design.

I really like the image of Snow White as Sakura, not entirely sure why Cinderella got the Chun-Li Treatment and not Mulan though. Pokahantis is I think Dhaslim and I’m not confident enough about the rest to figure out which Street Fighter characters they are based on.

I do want to know crack out my copy of Street Fighter Alpha and mash some buttons.

Hat Tip to  Design Taxi and shame on HiConsumption for removing the artist’s watermark.


Hadooken T-Shirt

Street Fighter II (Well Super Street Fighter II) was one of the first games I got on my SNES way back when, I loved it, there is something magical about that game that no other fighting game I’ve played since has managed to capture… This T-Shirt which puts you on the receiving end of a Hadooken fireball is available  at split reason for $19.95.

Via Lighter Fluid Design

Zombie Chun-Li & Cammy

These two images of a Zombie Chun-Li and a Zombie Cammie from Street Fighter II are Deviant Art user DazTibbles entry to the Fighting Games Elite project Undead Warriors, Looking at the other entries they are hands down the best entries…

Here they are pre being inked:



Via  Rampaged Reality.

Chun-Li Nouveau

Chun-Li goes Art Nouveau in this design by Karen Hallion, available at RedBubble, I hope she does the rest of the Street Fighter Cast.

The same artist did a really nice Steam punk Jessica Rabbit, but it’s probably not available anymore…

Via Karren Hallion Design