Fully Clothed Super Heroines

The comic book industry has a long history of sexualizing women, so much so that someone started a project called the “Hawkeye Initiative” which replaces female characters in comic art with Hawkeye from the avengers to show how ridiculous the poses look and of course there are many reasons why showing cleavage is bad for crime fighting.

So it’s refreshing to see these new takes on classic super heroine costumes, by Michael Lee Lunsford, that preserve their modesty while still allowing them to kick ass.




Wonder Woman

Power Girl



Black Canary

Super Heroine Suffrage

I can’t tell if this is pro feminism of anti-feminism, I assume that StarFire burning her bra is supposed to be symbolic but it’s really just and excuse for more T&A in the image… This is by Theamat on deviantART.