Light-Up TARDIS Dress

Tardis Dress

This dress by Tumblr user Galifrey208 has been travelling the intertubes mostly unattributed or wrongly attributed to LoudBirdie who was chivalrous enough to point out that is wasn’t her work but Galifrey208.

On a side note LoudBirdie did have a pretty cool Dr. Ninja Costume shown below with Galifrey208

TARDIS dress is bigger on the inside

TARDIS dress.

I was sent the above image by @james_a_craig but I’ve not had a chance to hunt down the source, luckilly for me Cory Doctorow from Boing Boing also found it so I haven’t had to hunt it down.

The girl modeling the dress has her own Facebook page as Tardis Princess and the photographer resposible is jere7my thor?rpe.

Here is another picture of it closed over:

TARDIS dress (door closed).

Marie Antoinette TARDIS Dress


What do you do when you oreder fabric to make a Marie Antoinette dress but you get the wrong colour? Particularly if that colour happens to be TARDIS blue? I don’t follow the cosplay scene but apparently Kelldar is a big name in it. She’s made a lovely TARDIS/Marie Antoinette crossover dress, you can even see inside the TARDIS!

Here it is again with a guy in a TARDIS suit photo bombing her:

Doctor Who Dalek and Tardis Dresses

I know what you like and this photo by lesather (Flickr) probably falls into that category. It’s from Chicago TARDIS 2010 a Doctor Who convention in Chicago. Here is another photo from the set.
Police Box Dress, 10th Doctor, Dalek Dress

Via Technabob

TARDIS and Doctor Cosplay

What is it with people dressing up like the TARDIS? Not that I’m complaining there are some pretty cool TARDIS dresses out there, including this one by JaneyJane along with her friend dressed as the Eleventh Doctor.