Reissued: David Ahl’s BASIC Computer Games

I have a vague recollection of this book, I think at the time I was too young to actually appreciate it, I think I got a hold of it when I was 5 or 6…

The book contained the BASIC code for 101 computer games that you had to type out yourself in order to play, I think I only ever managed to get one or two of them running. More than the computer programs I remember the illustrations which were just mental. Considering that none of the programs in the books actually had graphics the illustrations helped you visualize what was actually happening.

They sparked your imaginations and turned a bunch of text prompts into a game that was occurring in your head and on the computer. I guess the difference between this kind of game and a modern computer game is like the difference between reading a book and watching a movie. When you read a book your imagination fills in the blanks, with wonderful graphics, when you watch a movie you are stuck with someone else’s vision and someone else’s rubbish acting.

You can get the book in two versions, one with the original art and one without. To be honest I don’t see why you would get the one without the art because the art brought the games to life.

via Retro Thing