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Today’s Shirt Woot t-shirt re-imagines the legend of Zelda in the art style commonly found on ancient Greek pottery.

I find this oddly apt given Link’s predilection with smashing pots.

LEGO: Legend of Zelda

So I was looking for the original source for the above image by Wes Talbott, and I stumbled onto something wonderful. Apparently Lego have a site where people can suggest and vote on new Lego sets and collaborations. If a project gets 10,000 votes it will be submitted to Lego for review. On this page I found that there is a submission for a Lego Zelda! And it’s reached the the required amount of support to be considered by Lego!

Idea Image

Idea Image

Idea Image

Idea Image

Idea Image

Someone also has designs up for a Lego The Guild:

Idea Image

and Lego Final Fantasy:

Idea Image


Idea Image

Idea Image

Idea Image

The guy who is working on the second Lego Zelda is also working on renders for a Lego Super Mario Brothers but it’s still early days on that…

Nintendo Ukiyo-e Art

Jed Henry is starting a series of drawings of Nintendo Characters in the Style of Japanese Wood Blocks Ukiyo-e, So far he’s done Samus, Megaman and Link but he plans on doing more.


Fairy Eater Link

Fairy Eater by Kim Herbst
For I have become Link: Devourer of Fairies. You honestly didnt think he was just absorbing them all whimsical-like, did you?
Artist: website / blogspot / etsy
(for fillupyourhearts)

This image by Kim Herbst shows one interpretation of how link heals himself using fairies…  I’m convinced I’ve posted a similar image with link eating an actual heart to regain his health but I can’t find it.

Via Illuminations and Other Stuff


The Legend of Zelda-Skyrule

I’ve been playing a lot of Skyrim lately, and really been enjoying it, I’ve got a review in the works that I’ll probably never get round to writing. I’ve also started playing a link to the past, and I’m looking forward to getting Zelda: Skyward Sword. So this image by MetalHanzo is quite timely.

MetalHanzo’s gallery over at Deviant Art has some other pretty cool artwork ranging from his own characters to Final Fantasy to MegaMan.

Via Deviant Art

Link Made up of Levels From The Legend of Zelda (NES)

Zelda 8bit Theatre Hookshot mini Pixel Art: 8 Bit Encore ~ The Legend of Zelda (NES)

Hookshot_John  of The Hookshot has created this really cool mosaic of Link from The Legend of Zelda using screen shots of the game. I think he’s fiddled with the colours slightly but it’s none the less pretty cool. You can appreciate the image in it’s full glory on his deviant art page.

Zelda 8bit Theatre Hookshot2 mini Pixel Art: 8 Bit Encore ~ The Legend of Zelda (NES)

Via The Hookshot