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1000 man hours is a long time, but it’s time enough for Robert Burden to create this awesome Mural of the Thundercats. Actually he’s oddly based the image on the toys… It’s still really cool though.

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Hipster He-Man + Bonus Hipster Thundercats

Hipster Beastman, Trapjaw, Skeletor, Mekaneck (I had to look up his name) and of Course He-Man

Artist Fabian Ciraolo seems to specialize in turning old school cartoon characters into hipsters. His site, which isn’t the easiest to navigate and involves a scary rabbit, has many more, including Space Ghost…

Hipster Teela
Hipster She-Ra and Hipster Bow, The mounted Hordak head is a nice touch
Hipster She-Ra
Hipster Stratos
Hipster Sorceress
Hipster Skeletor
Hipster Prince Adam and Hipster Man-At-Arms

Also see the hipster Thundercats!

Hipster Cheetara and Hipster Wily Kit

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