Once Again I fail to go to sleep…

I’ve upgraded my word press install, and mucked about with it a bit. But I’ve failed to go to sleep.

I’ve also failed to have Dinner… Which means that today I have had lunch and… er… well thats about it.

I’m only vauguely hungry so part of me is thinking that I might just go to bed and worry about it tomorrow. Only I’m out of bread and milk and well a few other things that I’d considder having for breakfast.

I’m sure I’ll figure someting out, I think there are Eggs in the fridge… Could have them, I think, assuming they aren’t off…

Curses, working at home means that I don’t go to the shops.

Any way, I have spent this evening tidying the house, so it is both spic and span. Just a few nick nacks to sort before Annabels parents arrive tomorrow.

I’ve failed to mow the lawn because it despite being sunny most of the day we had a torrential down pour for half an hour which means the grass is wet, and I am never ever cutting the grass when it is wet again. Not after last time. I still have Nightmares of the Horrors that were unleased on that fatefull day.