Amazing Tron Dress

SDCC Tron Dress-16

SDCC Tron Dress-19SDCC Tron Dress-1SDCC Tron Dress-2SDCC Tron Dress-3SDCC Tron Dress-4

SDCC Tron Dress, a set by LJinto on Flickr.

This home made Tron inspired dress by LJinto on flickr is nothing short of inspiring.
Electro luminescent wire and tape put to good use I think…

Is Quorra a Disney princess?

Tembolat Gugkaev Furniture

The furniture designs of Tembolat Gugkaev are quite cool, but they were an absolute bitch to find… I love the above illuminated shelling unit, it’s both beautiful and relatively practical. The Library Chair below looks awesome too, but I’m not sure I’d have anywhere to put it.

I think I’d also feel a little like Dumont from Tron with all that chair behind me…

Awesome Tron Costume Using EL Film Strips

Syuzi over at Fashioning Technology has posted some awesome pictures of her Halloween costume where she dressed up as Quorra From Tron Legacy. The really cool thing is She A. Made the costume herself and B. Is planning on posting a tutorial online in the next three weeks.

Via Fashioning Technology.