Scrabble Typography Edition

Scrabble Typography Edition

While I find the idea of a “Typography Edition” of Scrabble appealing and at a glance this set if nothing short of beautiful I have my reservations. You can’t just randomly select fonts for the different letters and call it a Typography Edition, Sure the solid walnut storage case tiles and board look nice and the fact that they are magnetised and lined with “Slip Free Cork” is useful.

But there is one detail I find almost offensive, the fact that the edges of the individual boards don’t line up with where the tile edged do, I’d almost be able to forgive this if they Bisected the tiles but they don’t the placement seems haphazzard.

That just doesn’t look nice.

Anyway if that doesn’t bother you and you have $199 to spare you can pre-order one now.

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New letter to streamline the English language?

I’m a big fan of people coming up with pointless characters to “Streamline” the English language, I especially like the Interrobang which combines an exclamation mark and a question mark for when you are asking an excited question.

Blake Wright has decided that combining d and g to make a single character would make the alphabet more efficient, while I agree I think having a single character for “ch” and “sh” should be higher priority.

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