Game Of Thrones Valentines Cards

I’ve said before that I don’t post enough song of Ice and Fire stuff so when I saw these cards by Chris Bishop I figured I’d seize the opportunity to post them then I saw these:





Via The Young Wolf and these on Reddit:


52 Reasons Deck of Cards

It’s that time of year where people get sentimental and soppy, while I’m against the over commercialization of Valentines Day the sentiment it almost acceptable. This project by PaperVine is quite creative transform an old deck of cards into a deck of 52 reasons you love your significant other.

Is there a Valentines equivalent to “Bah Humbug?” I still want to express a certain amount of cynicism for the holiday in general…


Dysfunctional Valentine Hearts

anti valentine 

The only thing I like about those sickeningly sweet sweet heart sweets that you get is that some of them are ridiculous, especially the ones that just say “txt” or “email” how is that supposed to be loving? They are disgustingly sentimental and they are essentially pure sugar.

I think someone should sneak into the factory they make them in and replace them with these:

Like you as a Friend, U Sound like UR Mother, Ur Not that Fat, OK 4 Your Age, Not Tonight etc… Awesome!

Via Glamour From The Assylum