Richard-Wilkinson releases ‘Little Brother’ Image for free download

Richard Wilkinson has teased his artwork for Cory Doctorrow’s little brother up for free under a creative commons license. The one above is of the Vampire Flash Mob scene in the book. Check out the link below for more

Richard-Wilkinson · ‘Little Brother’ Free Hi-res Image Downloads.

Dick and Jane and Vampires

Why should adults get all the fun from mashups of literary works and horror tropes? The wall street journal has a review of this children’s book which adds vampires to the classic and often parodied Fun with Dick and Jane children’s books. I like the trend of taking works that have fallen out of copyright and messing with them. You can read the whole reivw over at Speakeasy – WSJ.

In general it’s a positive review, I’ve not got kids, and my only exposure to the Fun with Dick and Jane books has been people taking the pictures from the book out of context and using the fact that they used the shortened version of poor young Richard’s name. So I’m not really one to judge the book.

Story Idea: Grumpy Old Vampires

I got this idea while skimming Twitter, I think for some possibly related possibly unrelated reason both Neil Gaiman and William Gibson mentioned something to do with vampires, I thing William Gibson said something about vampires and fart jokes. Somewhere along the line these tweets put in my head an idea for a (short?) Story.

The idea is to do to something akin to the movie Grumpy Old Men but for vampires movies, with two grumpy vampires complaining about the state of vampires today with their sparkling etc. I’m not sure what else it would entail but I’m sure you could probably get a lot of mileage out of it.