Magic Violin By Candra

The image above is a rendition of Emilie Autumn by Deviant art user Candra. Emilie Autumn is a classically trained violinist who does goth rock music. I was introduced to her by Avarinne, and to be honest although her music is actually really good I can’t take her seriously because the lyrics are so soaked in melodrama that they are ridiculous. That an her song “Liar” is infuriatingly irritating (The chorus is her repeating the words “Liar” over and over and over and over and over and over…)

Dead is the new alive is okay and as with most industrial artists there are dozens of remixes of her songs that make them 100% better or worse…

Anyway the artist Candra has a number of good images in their gallery (I’m going to assume they are a guy because of their obsession with drawing boobies), like the below image of Arcee from Transformers.

And these images of Delirium/Delight from the Sandman series, in which I love the bursts of colours used. There are lots of comic booc characters in the gallery too although be fore warned some are NSFW.