Cute Baby Monster Costume

This was submitted to‘s baby costume contest by Ashley. It’s so cute you’ll vomit rainbows. Apparently it’s home made which makes it all the more awesome…

Vomit Inducing Psychedelic Camera

Candy Camera by PJ Linden
This diabetes-inducing Canon DSLR with a 28-135mm lens was decorated using Tulip 3D Fashion Paint and Scribbles Dimensional Fabric Paint, giving it a candy-coated like exterior. So you know, dont actually try to eat it. Though I wouldnt blame you for trying.
(source: Erle Kaasik, via: petapixel)

Looking at this thing makes my head hurt… Also my wallet, that isn’t a cheap camera I think it’s a Canon 5D… At least they don’t have to worry about anyone stealing their camera, because you’d be able to see the thing a mile away

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