Why Everyone’s So Scared of “Fake Geek Girls”

I’m not sure I like the whole fake geek girl thing? Just because you aren’t an obsessive geek doesn’t mean you can’t like the odd fandom, or even wear a Superman or Wonder Woman T-Shirt/Belt/whatever because you like the design.

Why are people threatened by people encroaching on their territory? It doesn’t make any sense. Or at least it didn’t before I read this.

Beware Fake Geek Girls…

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Also this image from Oxboxer:

blah blah available for purchase to decorate your kawaii hausu blah blah blah

Mario The Real Story

I know I’ve probably posted other interpretations of the Mario Story, but this amused me.

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In other news and slightly related news I found out today that the person who voices Cortana in the Halo series is the same person that voices Princess Peach and Toad in the Mario games…

How to dance

How To Dance

I stumbled across this little comic strip some time ago it tickled my fancy, I dance more like a flailing octopus than any of the “styles” highlighted above but it’s quire true that for a guy all you have to manage is what my friends and I colloquially call the “White Man Shuffle” and hey presto you are dancing.

There is lot more expectation on girls for some reason to dance to impress.

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On Attribution

a tribute to attribution

It irks me that people do this? Fair enough not going to the effort to look up the source of something, but seriously going to extra effort to annonymize it? What even worse is folk who add a little footer to all the images that appear on their site to say hey this was at some point posted here, without actually adding attribution to the original source. 9GAG and the Cheeseburger network are pretty bad for this, they don’t care where the original image came from, but, it did at one point get posted to their sites and because of their wide reach the one with their footer becomes the one that is spread across the internet. It’s practically parasitic.

On another note I love the name of the webcomic, I’d love a chainsaw suit…


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