Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Wedding Invites

I don’t think the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was published by Penguin books but that doesn’t really matter, these invites were made by a reader of Offbeat Bride who had never used Photoshop before. I think she did an alright job…

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Film Canister Wedding Invitation

I’m sure I know a fair few people who would love these wedding invites, they are made from re-purposed film cannisters (soon to be a rare comodity?) . These were put together by Trevor and Larissa of ambient studios.

As two passionate photographers we decided to try to turn our mutual obsession with photography into a theme.  Since both Trevor & I enjoy shooting film on the side for personal projects it seemed only natural that we integrate this somehow into our day.  (apart from actually supplying our photographers with film for their cameras of course!)
The result is a collaboration between Trevor & I and an invitation that took an assembly line of 5 to create.  We had to make about 40 after all was said and done and I was lucky enough to have the help of my ladies and a little bit of wine!  (Thanks girls!)  It was tons of fun and completely worth it…

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Viewmaster Wedding Invitations


When I was a kid I loved my Viewmaster, which makes these wedding invitations particularly nostalgic.

I wasn’t aware you can still get them, but apparently you can, they don’t look like they did, I wonder where they sourced all their Viewmasters for the invites from…


Apparently the Viewmaster Classic 3d Viewer is still manufactured… My heart sings! Unfortunately I can’t find anywhere in the UK that sells them, I guess if you are interested you can order them from the states, there are even companies that will print out custom Viewmaster reels for you… But it’s not cheap, alternatively there is a kit that will allow you to make your own.


Found a company in the UK that sells custom Viewmasters and will do the reels and boxes for you…

Update 3

Actually the article linked to from the original article with how another couple (I think) did their Viewmaster invitations is cooler…

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