Video Games in Japanese Ink Wash (Sumi e) Art Style


Deviant art user MyCKs seems to specialize in Japanese Ink Wash Art or “Sumi e” I’ve included a few here as an example but it’s worth going to their page to check out their portfolio they are stunning.

You can buy prints from his/her Etsy page.



Lara Croft


Female Shephard

Geeky Pulp Covers

These pulp covers by TonyFleecs feature iconic Cartoon, Comic and Video Game characters on the covers of Pulp Novels.

Zelda Handbag/Purse

Zelda Purse

If I were to ever consider getting a handbag I would have to get this one by Disturbingly Adorable on Etsy. It’s made of fabric with screen grabs from Zelda: A Link to the Past printed on it and it’s amazing!

it’s a shame that the inside is plain green fabric. I would have loved it to be invertible with the inside showing the dark world version of the outside.

It’s still really cool though and can be yours for $34.99 (£23.57) + p&p.

Zelda Purse

The same seller also does a Pac-Man variant of the same design as shown below, I’m torn…

Pac-Man Purse

Um… She also sells Zelda themed underpants with Navi saying “HEY” I’m not sure I approve… In fact I’m sure I don’t approve…

Zelda Underwear

Modern Myths

Today’s Shirt Woot t-shirt re-imagines the legend of Zelda in the art style commonly found on ancient Greek pottery.

I find this oddly apt given Link’s predilection with smashing pots.

LEGO: Legend of Zelda

So I was looking for the original source for the above image by Wes Talbott, and I stumbled onto something wonderful. Apparently Lego have a site where people can suggest and vote on new Lego sets and collaborations. If a project gets 10,000 votes it will be submitted to Lego for review. On this page I found that there is a submission for a Lego Zelda! And it’s reached the the required amount of support to be considered by Lego!

Idea Image

Idea Image

Idea Image

Idea Image

Idea Image

Someone also has designs up for a Lego The Guild:

Idea Image

and Lego Final Fantasy:

Idea Image


Idea Image

Idea Image

Idea Image

The guy who is working on the second Lego Zelda is also working on renders for a Lego Super Mario Brothers but it’s still early days on that…

Skyward Heart

Skyward Heart

This pendant which is in the shape of a heart container from The Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Sword is quite cute. It’s by The Pixelsmithy, and will apparently retail for $22 but is only available to pre-order at the moment.

Interestingly they debuted on Reddit, I think they know their target market…

Via Geek Chic Cosmetics

Legend of Zelda Art Nouveau

These Art Nouveau images are by Artist Melissa Somerville (Deviant Art Page), and feture characters from the Legend of Zelda series. Her Deviant Art page is full of cool illustrations based on among other things the Zelda Universe and the Okami Universe.

I can’t seem to find a fill size image of the Link and Zelda Images above just a Triptych.

Via Blue Dog Eyes

Take This!

This awesome epic take on the “It’s Dangerous to go alone” meme is pretty well epic… No wonder The artist behind it Jerry Nowlin goes by the name its truely epic on Tumblr and @trulyepic on Twitter. It’s available for $10 on  shirt punch today and today only…

Maybe this would be a good time to mention that tomorrow is my birthday…

In fact screw it I’m getting this as a birthday present for myself…