Nintendo Punk + Zombies

I found this Image of the “Nintendo Girls” as 80’s punks by Deviant Art user agentscarlet, no sign of Daisy there, no one ever seems to remember poor Daisy…

He’s also trimmed it into a wallpaper:

The same artist has has also made zombie versions of Peach and Samus:

Sadly no Zelda.


Zombies Ate My Bed!

Never Sleep Alone Bed Set

Etsy user christiemelissa will apparently make these to order, I love the blood splatter effect on the pillows and the fact that it matches up between the two pillows. At least I hope it’s an effect…

Set includes:
– duvet cover (case for duvet/comforter)
– 2 pillowcases

Standard bedding sizes only, white cotton fabric.

via Never Sleep Alone Bed Set by christiemelissa on Etsy.

Apocalypse Tomorrow

Artist Andrew Tarusov (Site in Russian thank God for Google translate) has creates this apocalyptic calendar with a different disaster for each month.  The images are in the style of Gil Elvgren who is apparently a world renowned pin-up artist.

via Oh My Pinups.

Land of the Rising Dead

This image is by the same person(~StudioStobie) who did the Mario Totoro image that I posted as an aside to my last post. I like the play on words and I’m surprised that there isn’t already a zombie movie with this title… There is a D20 RPG Supplement called Weird War II: Land of the Rising Dead but no movie…

Andrew Licoln Keeps his Promises

It hadn’t occurred to me that Rick from the Walking Dead was played by the guy who plays the guy in that chick flick that I keep on getting forced to watch…

I’ve been reading the Walking Dead Compendium, the comic is actually better than the TV show at points and different enough that it’s worth experiencing both separately.

Via Far Away From This World

Zombie Nouveau

Zombie Nouveau  by Megan Lara is now available at RedBubble!  You can also find it on Society6 as a print.

Damn you Megan Lara for releasing a constant stream of nouveau art that makes me want to post them on my blog! This one merges two of my favourite things at the moment Zombies and Art Nouveau.

Zombie Nouveau  by Megan Lara is now available at RedBubble!  You can also find it on Society6 as a print.

My Undead Totoro

My Undead Totoro by Matthew Parsons
Shirt available at redbubble for $27.61 USD.
Artist: twitter / deviantart / facebook
(via Matthew’s tumblr: fanboy30)

I want to watch my neighbor Totoro now, and imaging it’s a zombie movie… I’m not sure that would work…

T-Shirt available at RedBubble artwork by Matthew Parsons  (twitter / deviantart / facebook / tumblr)

Reminds be a bit of this image I found ages ago, but I have no idea who drew it…

Via  illuminations and other cool stuff

Zombie Chun-Li & Cammy

These two images of a Zombie Chun-Li and a Zombie Cammie from Street Fighter II are Deviant Art user DazTibbles entry to the Fighting Games Elite project Undead Warriors, Looking at the other entries they are hands down the best entries…

Here they are pre being inked:



Via  Rampaged Reality.

Zombie Muppets!



The Muppets are Awesome, Zombies are awesome… What other justification do you need to draw a bunch of images of Zombie Muppets? These drawings by Jon Defreest (behance/websitetwitter/tumblr) are nothing short of well… Awesome…



Via Illuminations and Other Stuff. Via Tauntr

ZomBinLaden! They Shouldn’t Have Buried Him At Sea!

This movie looks awesome! Two divers find the corpse of Osama Bin Laden who was buried as sea, and he comes back to life as a Zombie! How could it be bad?

I love the they research how to defeat him, and decide that Ham Sandwiches is the way forward.