Optimus prime cake…

Not quite as good as the pacman cake Jennie made for me this year, but given the response the pacman cake garnered yesterday I figured I’d post this.

Last year Jennie made me a transformers cake in the shape of Optimus Prime (I can’t really think of a good pun for that caketimus prime just sounds lame).

The cake is a mixture of carrot cake (My favourite cake) and chocolate cake (everyones favourite cake), the wheels were made from sugar icing and were ludicrously sweet.

Contrary to what many people seem to have inferred Jennie is not my girl friend, she’s my girl friends ex-flatmate, who just happens to be obssessed with making cake.

If people are still interested in Jennies cakes I’ll see if I can’t get her to dig up some more. Maybe even set up a cake blog for her.

Cake or Death

I had a look at my website statistics and while I’ve had this site for a good while it seems that posting cake to it has brought it to life.

Ok I was looking for a way to use that Eddie Izzard Quote as a title for a post, but it’s amazing what one post on boing boing can do for your popularity.

Chronotrigger DS (So happy I could cry)

I saw on Joystiq a site with a countdown clock for a project called ctds… it can only be Chronotrigger on the DS! I almost wept for joy (Thats really sad isn’t it).

Especially after square shut down Chrono Resurrection which looked quite promising. I’ve been meaning to drag out my SNES for months to play chronotrigger, now it’s looking like I might be playing it on my way to work.

Cant wait…

Pacman Cake

My friend Jennie made me this amazing pacman cake for my birthday.

It’s a banana cake with yummy butter icing.

The Ghosts were banana, whitechocholate and cherry cupcakes covered in sugar icing. Everyone felt guilty eating them they looked so cute.

Of course that didn’t stop Annabel…

Shee looks a bit manic in that photo…

Partial Move

I’m not actually moving blog, but as of… “soon”, I’ll hopefully be starting a more professional Blog as Bang Equals or !=.

I aim to talk about professional issues in software development and to cover other stuff as well such as interface and game design.

Heres hoping it works out.

I’ve only just registered the domain so it will take some time to go live, and for me to install everything, and get it all running. But in the mean time I am banding about ideas for articles.


[Update 05/11/2007 – Omar]

It’s Live just need to get rid of the Service provider banner and write some content for it…

[Update (2) 02/07/2008 – Omar]

Despite it being live for a good few months now, I’m experiencing an issue with wordpress that I’ve not had the time to resolve. It seems to just point back to here. Oh well I’ll try and resolve it soon, it’s not like I have any readers to piss off by not posting anything.

[Update (3) 02/07/2008 – Omar]

Fixed it! not sure how I set the siteurl and the home entires in the options database to be http://www.bangequals.net which I’d tried previously but for some reason hadn’t worked…

Oh well it’s workign now.

Woo moblogging!

In my costant quest for entertainment i have been mucking about with my phone. This post was authored on a nokia n80 which is suprisingly easy to do.

maybe this will lead to many other many other fabulous posts on cheese and biscuits and the life of albatross’s (albatri?).

meh. Going now.


No this is not a confused post, Yesterday I watched Unknown, this was a complete impulse viewing as Annabel was working behind the bar at the cinema and I had some time to kill, I was pleasantly surprised.

Five guys wake up in an abandoned warehouse with no memory of who they are or why they are there, it’s obvious that some of them have been held hostage and some were the hostage takers, aside from that, they know nothing. As with most amnesia films this film goes through the characters discovering who they are. Continue reading “Unknown”


I just got back from the cinema having watched Sunshine the latest film by Danny Boyle the director of cult films Trainspotting and 28 Days later two of the best films featuring heroine addiction and zombies respectively.

I went in not expecting to be amazed but expecting to be entertained none the less, I was not disappointed. The premise of the film is that some time in the future The Sun is dying (No not that Sun, shame…). The cast are the crew of the second mission to try to reignite The Sun with a nuclear explosive the size of Manhattan Island, the first mission having been a mysterious failure 7 years previously. Continue reading “Sunshine”