The Rise of Web Comics

This is a cool video about the Rise of Web Comics. You want to watch it now.

Seriously why are you reading this and not watching the video, unless you have watched the video and you want to know more about it. Well in that case from the YouTube video description:


Other Comics Featured:

Music (In Order of Appearance):

We need somewhere to name and shame websites that do this…

This isn’t so much a blog post as a call to arms… Mobile browsers of the world unite!

There should be a list somewhere that names and shames people who do this, maybe pressure them into not doing it. Some fairly high profile sites do it, I noticed life hacker doing it this morning for example.

It’s about time people browsing the internet on mobile phones stopped being treated like second class citizens, we are the future etcetera…

Mumble mumble [Insert irate and thought provoking rant here].

Image via xkcd